Announcing our RWDS Traveling Show Team Royal Caribbean Cruise!!

May 14th-18th 2018 we will be sailing away from Orlando to the Bahamas!!! We want everyone to come with us!! As soon as cruise dates were made available we were able to jump on and see what we qualify for. Performing with cruise lines is limited so we are so glad we were able to snatch a spot! We have limited information for you at this time but we will provide you with what we currently have.

*The cruise will be from May 14-18, 2018

*It will sail out of Orlando, Florida

*We will need a deposit of $25 per person by April 16, 2017 to lock in your guaranteed room. That will need to be paid to the studio. All other payments will be made to Kim Heaton, our travel agent. If you aren't completely sure by April 16th that you will be able to go, there will be rooms available but we can't guarantee they will be exactly what you wanted.

*Of course prices will vary depending on what size room you choose to stay in, location of the room (inside or out) and on the number of travelers, but at this point we are estimating the cost to approximately $500 (tax included) per person. That price includes all of your meals, drinks (other than alcoholic beverages), and entertainment. We will be having an ice cream social following our dancers performance and that is also included in the price. To be very clear, any off ship excursions you choose to do outside of the boat will be an extra cost to you.

*Please invite all family members to come, including grandparents. We need to have at least 50% of our group be over the age of 21. We would love to have extra family members join in on the fun!

*Everyone will need a passport!!! Make sure you have an updated passport. If you do not have an updated passport, be sure to get one ahead of time. Sometimes it takes a few months to get your passport so the sooner you get it the better. This would make a great Christmas gift!

*Flights will be discussed at our June parents meeting with Kim. We will also be discussing hotel stay for any families wanting to extend the trip. (The Parents meeting will be following tryouts in June. Watch May calendar for updates).

*Group rates for Disney World and Universal Studios will also be provided at the parents meeting if your family is interested in spending a few days there prior or following the cruise along with hotel information.


*We will have payment plans set up, which will need to be paid in full January 2018. Start saving those pennies!! If you are interested in any fundraisers or know of any fundraisers, please gather information to present at the parent meeting. We want as many people to join us and make it possible for families to travel together.

Travelling with a group can sometimes be overwhelming but we will do our best to make it the best possible experience for everyone. It is always fun to be with everyone and make memories as a group! We hope that you can join us for this trip and join in the fun!


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