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Competition Skills List

PreK-Kindergarten Skills List


Step, step leap

Toe touch

Sitting heel stretch

Shoulder roll

Forward Roll

Power up

Right pirouette



1st-2nd Grade Skills List

Chasse step leap

Split jump


Standing heel stretch

Jazz arch-up

Right chaine

Right splits



3rd-4th Grade Skills List


Single/double pirouette

Right and left chaine

Arch leap
Split shoulder roll



Heel stretch tilt extension

Split shoulder roll toe rise

Pique turns

Half Cheerio

Back walk over


5th-6th Grade Skills List


Single/double/triple pirouette

Single Coupe pirouette
Leap on floor

Forward shoulder roll

4 turns in second

Chaine back stag /calypso

Tilt leap/strike

Turning disc
All Splits

developpe leg hold

switch leaps

Triple right and left pirouette

a la seconde sequence


7th Grade and Up Skills List


3 rotation a la seconde turns

Double pique
Right double/triple pirouette

Inside battement pirouette

Triple skater turn

All splits

a la seconde turning sequence

switch leaps

devlope leg hold

a la seconde fouette sequence

Right and Left Pirouette


*Skills listed are a baseline for dancers to work on for tryouts. Not every skill is required for every team.

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