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Studio Recreation Classes

All classes have limited space available. Please contact us at

or call us at (801) 525-9909 to get registered.         

Recreational Classes '24-25 Schedule

*FAMILY DISCOUNT! $10 off monthly tuition for additional siblings!


Recreational HIP HOP (Ages 7-10)

7:00-8:00pm Studio 3



Ballet (Ages 3-5)

2:15-3:00pm Studio 3


Tumbling & Obstacles (Ages 3-5)

3:00-4:00pm Studio 3


Tiny Technique (Ages 6-8)

4:00-4:45pm Studio 3


2nd Grade Recreational Dance

6:15-7:15pm Studio 3


4th Grade Recreational Dance 

7:15-8:15pm Studio 3



Mini Movement (Ages 4-5) 

2:15-3:00pm Studio 3


Toddler Time (Ages 2-3)

3:00-3:45pm Studio 3


Pre-K Recreational Dance (Ages 4-5)

4:00-5:00pm Studio 3


1st Grade Recreational Dance 

5:00-6:00pm Studio 3


3rd Grade Recreational Dance 

6:00-7:00pm Studio 3


5th/6th Grade Recreational Dance 

7:00-8:00pm Studio 3



Pre-K Recreational Dance (Ages 3-4)

4:00-5:00pm Studio 3


Kindergarten Recreational Dance 

5:00-6:00pm Studio 3


Junior High/Teen Recreational Dance

7:00-8:30pm Studio 4



Class Descriptions


Toddler Time (AGES 2-3):

Toddler Time is a great introduction to basic movement, coordination and classroom structure

  • Toddler Time is a 45-minute class where kids learn the fundamentals of dance such as jumping, skipping, hopping, and balancing. 

  • Students learn basic ballet positions

  • Students will play freeze dance, play with our awesome parachute, be introduced to dancing with wands, participate in obstacle courses and more!

  • Potential opportunity to perform one routine at the spring show

Mini Movement: (AGES 3-5):

Our new Mini Movement is a great class for our mini ages dancers to learn basic dance movement and overall quality of dancing 

  • Classes will use gross and fine motor skills to interact with other dancers to improve their social skills.

  • Mini Movement will teach different ways of travel such as jumping, hopping, skipping, that are incorporated with skills and games for your mini to enjoy.


Tiny Technique (AGES 6-8):

Tiny Technique is a great class for littles ages 6-8 to better understand the fundamentals of dance.

  • This class gives students exciting and entertaining ways to learn new dance skills. This class will go through skills like pirouettes, chaines, jumps, and more!

This is a great step for kids who are looking for additional technique and skills than the rec class has to offer. It is also a great class for dancers looking to audition for competitive teams in the future. 

Ballet (AGES 3-5)

Ballet will improve dancer's technique and skills as it is the fundamental of dance. 

  • Our ballet classes have a variety of skills and ballet terminology that the dancer will learn and participate in throughout the year.

  • Dancers will participate in activities at the barre and center floor throughout the year.

  • They will learn terms and skills like plié, sauté, tendu, arabesque, battement, and all the positions at the bar.

  • Dancers will perform a ballet routine in our end of year showcase 

Tumbling & Obstacles (AGES 3-5) :

This class is created for those looking for another option than a typical dance class. 

  • This class helps kids to find their balance and strength through exercises and skills.

  • Students will learn how to better coordinate their bodies as they go through obstacles and learn new tumbling.

  • The skills will depend on their level and age but some examples are, cartwheels, backbends, backbend walks, front walkovers, etc!


Recreation classes for all kids is a great class for beginner dancers looking to explore the world of dance at a lower commitment level.

  • The rec classes will learn the basic dance terminology and skills

  • Dancers will learn 3 routines through the year in different styles (Lyrical/Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz). They will perform one dance for our Christmas Recital, and two dances for the Spring Showcase.

Our rec classes are super fun and filled with new experiences as they continue to improve upon their dance skills at a beginning level, while also having a fun time.


Hip Hop: AGES (7-10):

Hip Hop dance will focus strictly on hip hop movement and technique. 

  • The class will explore hip hop moves, use of level, and groove. Students will also learn new hip hop tricks like head springs and kip-ups.

  • This class will have the opportunity to showcase their hip-hop moves and tricks in the end-of-year spring recital with a hip-hop routine. This allows them to perform and show off what they have learned.

This is a great class for dancers to explore more hip hop movement than the yearly recreation class will do.



Additional Fees

Registration Fee

There is a one time registration fee of $30/dancer or $50/family to sign up for classes.

Recital Fees

Rhythm Works offers 2 recitals for our Recreational dancers per year. One in December, and one in May.  Recital fees are $60 each with Free Entry for spectators. We will update you as more information becomes available.


Costumes for Recreational Dance Classes:

Studio Costume Fees are $150 total for the season (Sept-May). This includes the cost of one pair of dance shoes & dance tights and all costuming. The first payment of $75 will be DUE BY OCTOBER 1st, 2024 and second payment of $75 will be DUE BY FEBRUARY 1st, 2025. Any dancer enrolling after December 2025 will still be required to pay the full $150 costume fee.


*Please note  - We REQUIRE all registered dancers to enroll in our Autopay system for monthly tuition charges. Any tuition or fees not paid by the Due Date will be subject to a $15 late fee.


Any withdrawls from classes after the 15th of each month will still be charged full month tuition. There are no refunds for costume fees.

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