Team Hair and Make-up

Hello Teams!! Here is all the info you will need for hair and make-up for the 2016-2017 dance year. Please be sure to read through your team individually as this year every team will have different hair. All team members will have the same make-up however each lip color will be different. It is important that you know which hair style and lip color is for your dancer.

Here is the make-up tutorial for ALL TEAM members. We know that this seems like a lot of make-up, especially for those younger dancers, but it is so important to have full performance make-up so that dancers are not washed out on stage. The lights on the stage really make a huge different in your dancers so in order to look the best, they need the full make-up.

MINI'S: We are so excited to be doing a combined hip hop with our mini's this year!! For recital, we would like to have dancers hair in two high messy buns. Dancers will wear their headband with the bow on the dancers LEFT side. We would like all Mini's to wear BRIGHT RED lipstick. For these younger dancers, if you can be sure to have blush, mascara, and lips on that would be great! Eye makeup is recommended but we know how difficult it can be for these younger ones to have eye shadow on.

PETITES: This year, Petite's hair will be very similar to last years hair. We would like dancers to have a french braid (overhand braid so that the braid does not stick out) to a low side bun. Hair will need to be parted on the dancers RIGHT hand side. The braid will go from the dancers right to left. You will pull their hair to a side ponytail on the dancers LEFT side and wrap it into a BALLET BUN. Since dancers have beanies for hip hop this year, we will pull the bun out to a side pony tail for hip hop. It is okay if the pony tail looks messy under the hat... It is hip hop, it is great to have a little bit of crazy hair!! We will have helpers back stage to help dancers transition hair from the side bun to side ponytail. For recital, hip hop will be last for both teams so you will not have to worry about switching hair back to a bun. As far as lip color, we would like all Petite's to wear a BUBBLE GUM PINK lip color.

ALL JUNIOR TEAMS AND SENIOR TEAMS: Junior Corps, Company, Troupe, and Senior Company and Troupe... This year you will all the have same hair. We have a video but are having problems uploading it.. We will get it to you ASAP! Here is a picture and brief description for now. Dancers will pull back their hair to a pull through braid, then wrap the bottom into a low BALLET BUN. Please be sure that your bun is secure and has a net around it to keep hair from flying away. It is fairly simple so hopefully we can get the video up so you have time to practice.

Junior Corps: your lip color will be FUCHSIA PINK

Junior Company and Troupe: your lip color will be RASPBERRY PINK

Senior Company and Troupe: your lip color will be DARK RED

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! Thanks!!


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