Weekly Update

Hello everyone!! I hope this post finds all of you doing well!!! Things are moving right along at our studio, our routines are looking great!! I have a few new items to inform you of and a few reminders as well.

First THE JACKETS ARE IN!!! We would really appreciate it if the parents would come into the office to pick them up and not send your dancer. A few families are giving them as Christmas presents and would like to keep them a secret from their dancer until then.

Second a quick reminder that Tuition is due October 15th

Hip Hop Shoe payment is due October 17th. Your dancer is welcome to pick their shoes up in the office as long as they are paid for. Please don't have your dancer wear their shoes anywhere BUT the dance floor until competition season is over. They will need them to practice in, BUT PLEASE DO NOT WEAR THEM, just bring them in a bag to practice. Especially with winter right around the corner, if they wear them outside in any kind of winter weather it will show at competition. We will likely lose points if our shoes are not show quality. We need to keep them clean and nice looking for competitions. Please put your dancers name inside of their shoes, so that they can identify which ones are theirs. It will be fairly easy for them to switch shoes with another dancer if they are not marked.

Tights,Shoes and Bras will be ordered on October 26th. Please come into the office anytime between 4-8 pm Monday-Friday to order/pay for them. This will be the only order before our Christmas recital. Your daughter will need her tights and shoes prior to that recital. If you already have tights or shoes from past years, please let us know so we can ensure everyone is taken care of.

We still have DVD's from that were orders from our 2015-2016 Dance Season. They are paid for so please stop by at your earliest convience and pick them up in the office.

We are so excited for our second annual Trunk or Treat on October 28thhere at our studio. We are still in need of parents to come in and sign up to park and give out treats to our dancers. Please stop by the office to sign up. Each child will need to bring a bag of candy to distribute to their fellow dancers that evening. The dancers had a great time last year, and we are looking forward to an even better time this year!!!

Our Christmas Rectial will be held on December 17th at Clearfield High School. We will be having a matinee performance at 2:00 PM. Please save the date in your calendars. We are so excited for you to see how talented our dancers are. They have been working so hard and we are incredibly proud of them.

We have all of the Fundraiser information available in Studio 1. If you are intersted in participating, please stop by and grab the packets for your dancer.

Just a reminder to everyone, next week is FALL BREAK AND WE WILL BE HAVING DANCE CLASSES !!!!

Thanks for your support and allowing us to do what we love!!!


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