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Competition Season is Starting!!

We are SUPER excited for our teams to start their competition season!!

We will be selling the same shirts as we did last year (Black with either Rhythm Works in white or glitter) for competition! Shirts are $15 for kids sizes and $20 for adults. Please email us and let us know if you'd like one. The deadline to order is March 12th.

We've had a few questions from parents about make up. Below is a link to an example tutorial. For our younger girls, you don't have to use eyeliner, but we do want all girls to wear lipstick, blush and mascara!!

We have our Competition Team Show case this coming Thursday (March 4th)!!! All parents should have an email about team info regarding costumes and times. If you did not receive this, please email us and let us know!

The office will be CLOSED on March 4th, as staff will be assisting with the showcase.

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