Hey We Are Dancing During Spring Break

Hello Everyone and Happy Spring Break!!! Hopefully you are all getting a nice break from your daily routine and can enjoy some time off. We will be having dance class throughout the week. If your dancer is unable to make it to class please call or email the office and let us know.

We will be having Dance pictures on April 26th and 27th. Please mark your calendars and we will announce times as soon as we have them. We will also send out an email stating what costume your dancer should wear for their team picture. They will be able to choose their costume for their individual pictures.

Although this is short blog post, we wanted to let you know how proud we were of how our girls did at the Empowered Dance Competition. It is clear that they are putting the work in!! We love getting to see our dancers perform. Thanks for all of your support and again we hope you all have a wonderful Spring Break.


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