Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone and Welcome to 2018!! We hope your holiday season was nice and you were able to celebrate with those you love!! We want to say thank you for all of your support at our Winter Recital. We feel that it was an amazing success. Our dancers looked outstanding in their costumes and we couldn't be more proud of how well they performed.

We will be starting a new class in February for 2-3 years old called Toddler Time It will be held every Wednesday from 2:30-3 pm and will cost $20 per month. This class is intended for those littles that really want to dance. We will be focusing on coordination and movements such as rolling, jumping, and kicking. If you know anyone that maybe interested in having their little one start a very basic dance class please have them email or call our office.

We are also starting our Drill Prep Class for all Junior High and High School aged girls that will be trying out for their High School drill teams this coming Spring. Class will start on Friday, January 19th and will run for 8 weeks. The cost will be $70 for all 8 weeks or $10 per drop in class. If your dancer is interested or (has friends that maybe interested) in this class please email or call the office to get on the list.


  • There will be no Dance Classes held on January 15th to observe Martin Luther King day.

  • The 2nd half of your costume fees will be posted to your accounts this week.

  • If you haven't been paying the $12/month for your competition fees, you will need to pay $120 for competitions by January 18th

  • If your daughter is dancing a solo, duo, or trio at the Rocky Mountain Classic, there will be a charge to your account for their entrance fee. Solo's will be $90, Duo's will be $140 ($75 per dancer), and Trio $165 ($55 per dancer).

As always if you have any questions regarding any of the information provided in this blog, please feel free to email or call our office at 801-525-9909. Thanks again for all of your support


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