Here's Some Important Information !!!

Hello All!! We have a few items of information for everyone. A few of you have been asking about the competition dates and we have them for you!!!!

March 23-24 - Bingham High School

April 20-21st - Val Brown Auditorium (Weber State)

May 4th-5th - Cruise Only (Weber State)

Please be sure and have your competition fees paid by January 15th, if you have opted out of paying them monthly.

We will be having dance classes during Fall Break. Please plan accordingly. If your family is planning on going out of town, please call or email the office and let us know.

Please RSVP for our Halloween Pre K Field Trip (information below)

We do have an over abundance of lost and found in Studio one. Please stop by and check for any of your dancers missing gear on or before October 6th. After October 6th we will be taking it and donating it to a charitable organization. Even if you don't think your child is missing anything it may be beneficial to stop by and check, just to be sure!!!

Thanks again to all of our dance parents for your support. We know some of you wear out the roads between your home and our studio. We appreciate the trust that your give our instructors. We want to know that we love the time we get to spend with your cute dancers!!! Have a great week!!!

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