Great Competition Season!!!

We wanted to say thank you for all of your support during this competition season!!! Our teams looked fabulous and they danced so well. We are so impressed with all of their improvements and their hard work!! Our dancers showed great sportsmenship towards the other competing teams and this is largely because of the great parents we have at our studio. Thanks again for all that you do!!!

The next few weeks it is very important that your dancer attends class. We will be teaching the routine for the summer parades, finalizing our routines for our Spring Recital, learning the finale for the Spring Recital, and working on technique for our upcoming team tryouts. If you haven't already please stop by the office and sign your dancer up for the summer parades, as well as tryouts. All dancers are welcome to participate in the summer parades. If your dancer is age 8 or younger they will ride the float . The sign up sheets for tryouts and skills lists for our competition teams are in the office.

If you are a studio dancer, your recital costumes are coming in and may already be in our office. Please check your account and if the balance is posted, feel free to drop by the office and grab them. They will need to be paid in full prior to your dancer being able to take them home.

Again, we just can't thank you enought for your support!!! Our studio suceeds because of our great RWDS Families!!!!


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