Christmas Recital Week!!

Hello Parents and Dancers!! Can you believe that recital is one short week away?! Time has flown on by but we are feeling confident that our dancers are ready. We have a few things to remind you of this week so please read carefully!!

We have had some problems with our attachments in emails lately. Depending on what kind of phone you have depends if attachments work or not. For whatever reason Android phones have a hard time opening up documents. If you have a problem, come to the office and we can get you the information you need. We have sent out recital newsletter and majority or dress rehearsal info. If you have not been able to open either of these, try using a computer or come visit the office.

If you are wanting to have your dancer sign up for tumbling, Rocky Mountain Tumbling still has openings for our studio. They are super close by and run a fantastic program. If you are interested in signing your daughter up for any level of tumbling, we highly recommend them!

Next week is a busy week!! We want you to be aware of the schedule so you all feel prepared. There will be regular dance classes MONDAY and TUESDAY only! The rest of the week we will be holding dress rehearsals. Our dress rehearsal schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, December 14th (team day)

4:00-4:30- Mini's

4:30-5:15- Petite's

5:15-5:45- Jr. Corps

5:45-6:30- Junior's

6:30-7:15- Senior's

Thursday, December 15th (studio day)

4:00-4:20- Monday Pre-K (Caysie's Class)

4:20-4:40- Wednesday Pre-K (Bradi's Class)

4:40-5:00- Kindergarten

5:00-5:20- 1st Grade

5:20-5:40- 2nd/3rd Grade

5:40-6:00- 4th/5th Grade

6:00-6:20- Intermediate Dance

6:20-6:40- Teen Dance

**Tuesday Dance and Learn will be in class Tuesday morning from 9:30-10:30**

Make sure you are know how your dancers hair is supposed to be (most reviewed in class so check with your dancers).

Recital will begin at 2:00PM Saturday, December 17th at Clearfield High School Auditorium. Dancers will need to arrive with costume and full hair and make-up at 1:30!!! Doors will open at approximately 1:50. If you have not picked up your tickets yet, please do so. If you need more tickets you can buy more in the office or at the door. If you or someone coming to watch is buying tickets at the door, they will need to pay with CASH or CHECK only!! We will not have a way to run Credit Cards so please come prepared!

All dancers are participating in the finale. Your dancer will need to stay backstage until the end of the show. We have helpers in the back that will keep track of all dancers. Please be sure that you check your dancer in and out so that we can keep track of each of our students. Events like these can be crazy and your dancers safety is so important to us. We have games and coloring pages for the younger girls during the show so they should be fine. The show is timed out just over an hour. We will do our best to keep it running promptly and smoothly! Just a reminder that we only have the school for an allotted amount of time so after the show please do not linger too long.

If you have not picked up your costume yet please come and get them. Be sure your dancer has the proper shoes and tights. Most dancers will receive hair pieces at dress rehearsal. Please be sure that you double check all of your bags so that you do not forget anything.

After recital, classes will resume Monday January 2nd. We hope that you all have a wonderful holiday break with your families!!


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