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Team Parent Meeting Notes

I just wanted to say thank you again to all the parents that were able to attend our parent meeting. To those that were not able attend I want to let you know everything that we went over. If you have any questions on anything feel free to come and talk with me!

  • First, if you are still having problems logging into your DanceWorks account to pay be sure to come see the office!

If you are not receiving any emails come and talk to the office. You should be getting at least one a week.

  • What do we expect from our parents?

  • Absences must be made up! You are only allowed 3 before Christmas and 3 before June Recital.

  • Late fees are and will continue to be applied

  • If parents take it seriously so will dancers!!

  • Encourage practicing and daily stretching at home (all music is on the website!!)

  • We are a studio family we need to lift each other up and support all teams not just the one your daughter is dancing on!

  • Team parents (what do you do?)

Each person will be assigned a competition

Take treats/drinks and some sort of motivational quote

Be backstage to help teachers get dancers costume, hair, and make-up ready

  • Important dates to know!

  • Next Thursday is the last day to try on team jacket

  • Recital Date December 17th @2PM at CHS

  • Dancelink March 17&18 @Roy High

  • Rocky Mountain Classic April 21&22 in ST. GEORGE! @Dixie High School (hotel info attached at bottom)

  • Dance Spectacular May 5&6 at Weber State

  • 2018 will be a travel year! I would like to get into the system

  • Year 1: 4 local comps

  • Year 2: local travel (ST. George, Idaho, Logan etc…)

  • Year 3: large group travel with 3 comps

  • 2018 we will be going on a CRUISE! Start saving now, get passports, etc. etc…

Hotel information for St. George:

Clarion Suites

1239 South Main Street, St. George, Utah 84770. 435-673-7000

Tell them you are with Rocky Mountain Classic dance competition to receive the discount group rate of $100 sleeps 4, and $110 sleeps 6.


125 East St. George Blvd, St. George, Utah 84770 435-673-4844

Tell them you are with Rocky Mountain Classic dance competition to receive the discount group rate of $128.69, sleeps 4.

Shelby Forsberg has a list of Fundraisers for the dance year. If you are interested in anything she will be holding a meeting to go through some info. If you are unable to attend, you may also speak with her directly. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!!

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