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Hello Parents and Dancers! Happy Back to School week (for most of you anyway)!! I hope that you and your kids have all survived the first week of school and are getting back into the groove of life. We have a lot of important dates coming up and we want to keep you all updated. As we get further into the dance year we have a lot of things that we need you to be aware of. We will be sending out our September calendar next week, but we want to give you a heads up of some things to watch for.

The first thing is next week Studio Classes begin! We are so excited to be running a full studio again and have everyone back with us. Competition Teams will stay combined until after Labor Day then we will get back to our regular schedule.

Parents if you have not entered our giveaway it is not too late! All you need to do is go to our Facebook or Instagram page and SHARE our Open House post. If you have already shared it on Facebook, be sure that your post is set to public or else we will not be able to see that you have shared it. If you share the post on Instagram, be sure to tag us @rhythmworksdance so we can also track that it has been shared. Our Open House is tomorrow so the contest will end tomorrow morning! You will also be entered in if you RATE us on Facebook. Each time you share our post or rate us, you will get an extra entry into the drawing. We have some parents with all three entries done so keep it up!!

Our team wear is partially finished! The embroidery company called and apologized it has taken longer than they thought but we will have it next week. We have also received our Team Jacket try on sizes. Remember we only order team jackets every other year so when trying them on your dancer you will want room to grow. Parents are allowed to buy jackets as well, they are not just for dancers. We will let you know when we are ready to start sizing for them. Here is a little sneak peak! All the words are in sequins. Names can be embroidered on the front.


Friday September 9th- Team Costume Deposit Due ($50)

Friday September 16th- Studio Costume Deposit Due ($35)

Saturday September 17th- COMPETITION TEAM PARENT MEETING @ THE STUDIO 10AM-11AM. We will be going over a lot of important info so please try to make arrangements to be there!

Friday September 23rd- Team Jacket Payment Due ($86) you can pay all up front or in small amounts up until the 23rd. A lot of parents like to use Jackets as a Christmas present since they are pricey. Just a thought! Remember we use them for two years.

If you have any questions for us PLEASE contact the office so we can get things taken care of!! Thanks!


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