Weekly Update 8/17

Our weekly update this week will be nice, short, and sweet! We just had a few things we would like to remind you of.

First, our team wear is currently getting embroidered. We should have it back by Wednesday, August 24th. We will be posting the team wear balance to your accounts this week. If you paid everything upfront you will not need to worry about the deposit. However, if you did not pay in full you will not be able to receive your team wear until the full $40.00 is paid.

Dancers will wear their team wear to practices on the following days:

Seniors: Thursday's

Jr. Troupe and Company: Wednesday's

Jr. Corps: Thursday's

Petites: Wednesday's

Minis: Thursday's

Second, since teams are doing 3 routines this year we want you to be prepared for costumes to be a little more expensive. We try our best to keep them as low as we can so you do not feel overwhelmed with the cost. Each team will have one base they will use for two routines that we can add to i.e skirts, shrugs, pants etc... All teams will also be getting hip hop shoes. We are trying to get these ordered ASAP as there are a lot of back to school deals and deals around Labor Day. We need your dancers shoe size so we can get those ordered as we find the best deal available to us. As soon as we have a price we will post them to your account.

I have had a lot of parents ask about competition dates. As soon as we have dates finalized we will let you know so you can plan around them. We should have them by October.

We have also had a lot of people have problems logging in to your accounts to pay. We have been in contact with IT and they are trying to figure out why there have been so many problems. They have suggested to turn off your internet browser and start over again. I am hoping that it gets smoothed out soon so that we can all have a better experience.

Last thing! Our Open House is next Saturday, August 27 from 11AM-2PM. If you have any referrals or have handed out any post cards, be sure to send them over that day.We will be accepting our post cards until the second week in September then we will hold our drawing.

I can't say it enough, we truly have the greatest group of parents and dancers!! Thanks for being the BEST!

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