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Welcome Back!!

Welcome back to all or dancers and families!! Our Competition teams have been back for about a month and our Studio dancers are starting back next week!!

Things to know:

  • Our studio will be closed on Monday (09/06), to observe Labor Day

  • Please remember our dancers have dress codes to follow!

    • Studio dancers should wear form fitting clothes with their hair pulled back and off their face.

    • Competition Team dancers need to wear their black leotards with pink tights and ballet shoes for ballet. Those that ordered ballet wear, we will be getting them in through the month of September. Starting October 4th, dancers will be given a point each time they aren't dress properly. A total of 3 points means they'll have to sit out of class.

  • Please do not drop your dancer off more than 15 mins before their class begins and please don't pick them up later than 15 mins after their class ends. If you are running a little late, teachers will have your dancer wait in the office lobby for you.

  • Studio dancers - teachers are setting up BAND groups for communication and sharing dance videos/music. You will receive that information in the coming weeks.

  • Studio parents - Studio Costume Fees are $135 total for the season (Sept-May). This includes the cost of one pair of dance shoes & dance tights and all costuming. The first payment of $75 will be DUE BY OCTOBER 1st, 2021 and second payment of $60 will be DUE BY FEBRUARY 1st, 2022.

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