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Comp Team  Fees

June Comp Team Workshops

Each Tuesday & Wednesday in June starting the 13th:

Tinys/Minis 9:30-11:00am $100

Petites/Juniors 11:00-1:00pm $120

Teen/Seniors 3:00-5:00pm $120

Elites (Pet/Jr/Sr/Teen) 5:00-7:30pm $130

2023-2024 Monthly Tuition Chart


45min/wk - $35

1hr/wk - $45

1.5hr/wk - $55

2hr/wk - $75

3hr/wk - $100

3.5hr/wk - $110

4hrs/wk - $120

4.5hrs/wk - $125

5hrs/wk - $130

5.5hrs/wk - $135

6hrs/wk - $140

6.5hrs/wk - $145

7hrs/wk -$150

7.5hrs/wk - $155

8hrs/wk - $160

8.5hrs/wk - $165

9hrs/wk - $170 

10hrs/wk - $180 


Costume Packages for 2023-2024 Season:


Package #1 - $400


  • Team Wear

  • 2 Pairs of Dance Shoes (1 Practice, 1 Performance)

  • Costumes for 3 dances including Hip Hop shoes

    • (additional $$ may be required depending on shoe)

Package #2 - $450 

Includes All items in Package 1 PLUS:

  • Ballet Wear-1 Black Leotard, 1 pair of pink tights, 1 pair of ballet shoes

*Costume Fees may vary depending on Team, for example, Elite Teams have 4 dances so this will add $85 to their costume fees

Any additional items such as a dance bra or seamless underwear will need to be purchased on your own. For recommendations on where to purchase, please contact the office. 


Competition Fees and Info:

Competition fees are $40 per dancer per dance per competition.

All Company/Troupe Teams $40 x 3 dances x 3 comps = $360/dancer

Mini Elite Only $440/dancer

Petite Elite/Jr Elite/Sr Elite/Teen Elite $40 x 4 dances x 4 comps = $640/dancer


Convention Fee

Elite Teams are required to attend Epic Dance Competition September 29th and 30th. This is mandatory and fees will not be refunded. All other dancers are invited to attend as optional.

$240 Due by August 15th.


Additional Fees and Info:

Enrollment in our Autopay system is a requirement at RW. Any late charges will be subject to a $15 late fee.


Monthly Auto Payments can be calculated to include ALL tuition, competition, costume and showcase fees for the year. (This does not include the additional costs that may come). These can be pulled on the 1st or the 15th of each month, and can be split.


Below is a breakdown of fees and due dates for 2023-2024 season:

  • June Costs- 

    • Annual $30 Registration fee ($45/family).

    • Tryout Fee of $30/dancer.

    • Workshop Weeks in June. This is new this year and taking the place of our Team Intensives in the past. Fees will be calculated based on hourly tuition rates, and classes will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays beginning June 13th thru June 28th. Costs will be $110-$140 depending on team.    More info to come!

  • July Costs -

    • Initial Dance Fee of $300 per dancer will be DUE by JULY 15th. This will cover initial costume charges and some upfront competition fees.

  • August Additional Costs - ​

    • Monthly Tuition begins!​

    • Epic Dance Convention - Elite Teams $240 Due Aug. 15th.

    • Personalized backpacks are available to order to those who would like one. These are optional. Price TBD.

  • Sept Additional Costs -

    • Additional Choreography fees may be assessed depending on team. Range from $35-$65/dancer.

  • January Additional Costs - ​

    • Competition Showcase Fee of $55 + Free Entry to performance.

  • April Additional Costs - ​

    • End of Year Banquet Fee TBD. This will be taking place of a Spring Recital for our Competition teams.

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