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Competition Teams 2023-2024

Congratulations to our 2023-2024 Competition Teams!

We are so excited for our upcoming year! Judges had a tough job this year as we had so many dancers to place. Remember, dancers are placed where judges feel they will best succeed. It is okay if your former team has been split up, in fact more times than not it turns into a great thing!! Due to some additional teams and combining some teams we will be reworking the fall schedule and get it out as soon as we have it done (it takes some time, please be patient!) We have some awesome new curriculum and classes coming your way this upcoming year and we are so excited to get started!!

Due to numbers, many dancers placed on different teams than age group they auditioned for so if you do not see your dancers name in the age group they auditioned, check the other lists.

As always, if you have any questions about your dancers placement, please email the studio at We ask that you respect all teachers privacy and do not reach out to them personally.


Let’s get to it!!

***Names are not listed in any specific order***

Mini Company

  • Elena Gomez-Pritt

  • Adalynn Bosserman

  • Bella Steele

  • Lennon Scothern

  • Bria Fuller

  • Finley Anderson

  • Allie Coleman

Mini Elite

  • Gentry Forsberg

  • Aria Porter

  • Mia Saunders

  • Kiah Cairns

  • Rylee Anderson

  • Helen Haddock

Petite Troupe

  • Adela Gomez-Pritt

  • Paislee Nicholas

  • Taylyn Hemphill

  • Luciana Rodriguez

  • Brynlee Chrisensen

  • Pyper Shelley

  • Katelyn Hansen

  • Aliyah Steele

  • Macie Hiller

  • Remington Tiede

Petite Elite

  • Alice VanKomen

  • Anna Jones

  • Emma Walker

  • Isabelle Burton

  • Mia Brower

  • Lily VanKomen

  • Josslyn Adams

  • Avery Henderson

  • Avery Salmon

  • Ella Cazeau

Junior Company

  • Daphne Bond

  • Skylee Smith

  • Whitley Gapinski

  • Kaizi Humphrey

  • Macie Ricks

  • Avaree Wilkins

  • Peyton Haraguchi

  • Alayna Kearns

  • Ashleigh Nielson

  • Alaina Litster

  • Elisabeth (Ellie) Pierce

Junior Troupe

  • Raena Sellick

  • Olivia Wall

  • Kylin Rettenberger

  • Luciana Humphrey

  • Bryndee Barrow

  • Savanna Olson

  • Hazel Douglas

  • Morgan Jensen

  • Kaylee Lyons

Junior Elite

  • Payton Olsen

  • Brexlee Taylor

  • Olivia Aguilar

  • Lucy Van Komen

  • Mia Alcala

  • Livie Douglas

  • Tinley Bowman

  • Locklyn Perkins

  • Rose Ecker

Senior Company

  • Layla Jones

  • Gracie Humphrey

  • Livvy Romney

  • Alexis Smith

  • Alaina Stewart

  • Kate Barnes

  • Addison Pierce

  • Ellie Butcher

  • Lia Layton

  • Ali Romney


  • Haven Herde

  • Jenner Barton

  • Chloe Mellen

  • Kate Hendricks

  • Ally Younger

  • Chloe Judd

  • Krystal Ecker

Senior Troupe

  • Kinley Fitzpatrick

  • Sophia Hansen

  • Sophie Love

  • Zoey Wall

  • Rylee Olsen

  • Brielle Thurgood

  • Della Goodrich

  • Penelope Ecker

  • Ava Yates

Senior Elite

  • Claire Wood

  • Peyton Widdison

  • Gemma Robinson

  • Rylee Forsberg

  • Halle Anderson

  • Avery Combe

  • Jaelyn Hunsaker

  • Maylee Sims

Teen Elite

  • Kassidy Smith

  • Kella Daniels

  • Libbey Janes

  • Aftyn Bowman

  • Briar Pierce

  • Taylor Romer

  • Andi Chase

  • Chloe Hobbs

  • Brooke Olsen



Dancers will be required to wear all black

Come prepared with water, tennis shoes, ballet attire and hair slicked back

Mini Company and Mini Elite

Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s 9:30-11:00 AM

Petite Troupe, Junior Company and Junior Troupe

Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s 11:00AM -1:00PM

Senior Company, Senior Troupe and Teen

Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s 3:00-5:00 PM

Peite Elite, Junior Elite, Senior Elite, Teen Elite

Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s 5:00-7:30 PM

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