Competition Season is HERE!!

Can you believe it, only 4 WEEKS until our first competition?! We will be posting weekly comp info and things you need to get ready for in advance here, so make sure you are reading.

The first reminder is we are 4 weeks away!!! Yes, that is repetitive but it is so crucial that dancers are in class every single day. We are in crunch time and a ton of work goes into each class. Make sure your dancer is in class! You and your dancer signed an agreement and as we get counting absences we will be pulling from routines. If your dancer needs make up hours, get it done ASAP. If you have not recorded routines yet, get into classes and watch so your dancer can work at home. If your dancer is feeling or looking lost or behind, don't hesitate to work with their coach; that is what they are here to do!

Dancers have come such a far way and we are so excited to get into competitions and let their hard work pay off. Keep encouraging them to practice at home as they are only in the studio a few hours a week.

Last reminder today! Remember tights are a dancers underwear. If dancers show up to competition with underwear they will be asked to take it off (crazy colors and black thongs don't mix well with dance costumes.... its happened many times before!) If your dancer must wear underwear please get them nude, seamless underwear.

Dancers that need to wear a bra should have a nude bra with clear straps and clear back. Bra straps and backs should not be seen with the dancer's costume! We have few in stock at the studio, they can also we bought at Neverland Emporium (located in Kaysville), and online dance stores. Dancers may also wear the silicone bra cups (they are at Wal-Mart, and they actually hold dancers very well).

Our dancers are doing great! We are so proud of the hard work they have put in. We know how much time they commit to dance and understand that sometimes it is hard, but the lessons learned and hard work always pay off. Watch next week for more info!


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