Competition Etiquette

Hey comp dancers and parents!! Can you believe we are already another week down?! 3 weeks until our first competition at Farmington High is coming quickly so we wanted to remind you of some competition etiquette.

Arrive on time, even better a little early! You never know how busy traffic is, parking situations and how long it will take to find our dressing rooms. The time listed on the paper is the time you dancer should be in the dressing room with full hair, make-up, and costume. Please do not be late!! There is already a lot of stress for everyone that day.

We go to competitions as a STUDIO family not as individual teams. Please cheer for all our teams and dancers. Be uplifting, these dancers are doing something a lot of people would never do. Refrain from negative talk about our dancers, teams, parents, coaches with other parents, etc!

Do not bad talk other studios at the competition. Be respectful toward all competitors. Be respectful to competition staff and do as they ask.

Help keep the dressing rooms clean and tidy! Clean up after yourself and if you happen to see some wrappers that aren't yours, it's okay to throw them away ;) We try to leave the room looking even better than when we arrived.

Team captains will be responsible for getting awards, if given out. We love to have as many dancers stay for awards as can. Don't forget to wear your RW gear!!

Overall, competition days are stressful for everyone involved. Just be as kind and uplifting as you can be. And remember, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all:)

Thanks for being the best parents and dancers around!! We love you!


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