Black Island Farms Field Trip and Reminders

Calling all Pre-K & Kindergarten Ghouls and Goblins!!

Sign up in the office for our Annual Black Island Farms Field trip!

$4 per person (pay at door) Arrive at the Farm October 11th by 9:45 am.

Take a ride on the hayride and take home a pumpkin!

(All children must be accompanied by an adult!)

New Competition Team Members: It's time to order Team Jackets!

Come in the office to try on sizes. Jackets are $65 and payments are due at time of order.

Please make sure we have your name spelled as you want it to appear.

We're trying to get the order submitted by next week, so we would appreciate you coming in as soon as you can!

Fall Season means Sick Season!

Please don't spread the germs, keep your dancers home if they aren't feeling well. We also have hand sanitizer in the lobby!


We have a few extra white Rhythm Works jackets available in the office. The screen print on these were done incorrectly (see pic below) so they are being discounted to $15. There's only a few adult medium, large and extra large available.


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