ICYMI: Comp Parent Meeting Notes and Travel 2019

Here is some info from the parent meeting from last week. This is the basic overview we covered. A lot of questions were asked that we went through so don't hesitate to send them our way if you have any.

-Tryouts: if your dancer is planning on auditioning for SENIOR or JUNIOR ELITE, they will still need to attend the regular Senior/Junior tryouts as well as the Elite tryouts. Juniors can pack a lunch and eat at the studio during the 30 minute break.

-We anticipate that comp classes will have around 8 students. As always, team sizes are based on the natural break of scoring from tryouts. This number is not set in stone.

-All classes will have individual technique time as well as choreography time. The only combined classes will be Hip Hop routines and Friday turns classes.

-We will have an office attendance manager. Every Friday they will be updating attendance and sending out emails if make up classes are needed. If your dancer exceeds allotted absences without making them up, you will pay an additional $25 for weekend make-up classes.

-Competition fees are raising and will be posted to account monthly. Competitions are beginning to charge more per dancer per dance instead of an admission fee, so in return will be raising fees.

-We will be traveling to San Diego April 2-6. Prices and details should be finalized by mid June. Dancers will have performance opportunity and be taking master classes.

-Our system now sends text messages. We will be using this more for reminders and stray away from so many emails. Please make sure the best phone number that receives text messages is the primary number on your account.

Please fill out this survey and return it to the office. As always, we are trying to improve the studio and would love any suggestions and all honest feedback we can get. We also have copies at the studio if you want to fill them out there. All surveys will remain anonymous.

If you have any talents or hobbies that might benefit our studio, let us know! This can be anything from crafting, building props, hair, painting, cleaning etc...

Let us know if you have any questions! As always, thank you for all that you do to make Rhythm Works great!


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