Competition Hair and Makeup 2017-2018

Hello Teams! We are excited for another year coming our way. We want to make sure everyone is up to date with our hair and makeup for the year. This year all our teams will be doing the following hair:

Two DUTCH French Braids into a bun. The best way to get clean hair that will hold is to wet your dancer's hair before braiding. Please hairspray or gel the wet hair so it stays tight and does not fall out.

Here is a tutorial on how to do dutch braids:

You will braid the hair all the way down then wrap the two braids into a bun. Very simple and clean! Bobby pin the bun in place, wrap a hair elastic around it and if necessary add a hair net. This hair style is fairly simple (if you are comfortable braiding) and will look clean on stage.

As for makeup, all dancers need to have performance makeup. Under stage lights dancers get extremely washed out so it is important to wear a little bolder makeup than normal. Here is a good tutorial for performance makeup!

Lipstick colors will be as follows (NO CERTAIN BRAND REQUIRED):

Senior Troupe: DARK RED

Senior Company: CHERRY RED

Junior's Combined: FIRE ENGINE RED

Junior Corps: FUSCHIA

Petite's Combined: BUBBLE GUM PINK



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