RWDS Attire!

RWDS Shirts, tanks and leggings are now available! The order will be placed by February 24th. This will be a ONE TIME ONLY order! Sample sizes are available in the office. Order yours today!


Child Tees & Tanks $22

Child Leggings $18

Adult Tees & Tanks $25

Adult Leggings $22

*For all soloists there will be an optional solo practice on Saturday, February 18th from 11-1pm with guest judges to give feedback. Please RSVP to the office if you will be attending. You may wear your costume, or team wear. Please bring your music.

*There will be NO DANCE CLASSES held on Presidents Day February 20th! Enjoy your day off! (but practice your dances! )

*We will be having a "Banana Split Party" on March 10th from 5:30-7pm. This will be for Competition Team Members, as an incentive to get their "splits"!!

Rewards are as follows:

Ice Cream for 0 Splits

Banana & Ice Cream for 1 Split

Banana & Ice Cream + 1 topping for 2 splits

Banana & Ice Cream + unlimited toppings for all 3 splits

*Team Costume Deposits are due this Friday the 17th!

*Last week we emailed all Teams the "Competition Team Mom Assignments". Please check and see which comp you are assigned to and get with the other moms to arrange treat/gifts for the girls. If you need to switch comps for any reason, please check with other moms to do so.

*And last but not least, our 2018 cruise for Competition Teams is still in the works. It will most likely be in May 2018. We will get more information to you as it becomes available!


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