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Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Dancer

Hello Parents!! Christmas is coming up quick and I thought it would be fun and helpful to give you some ideas for your dancers. There are so many great tools available for your dancers to use at home. Here are a few things that might be fun for you!!


Turn Boards are great for dancers working on more advanced turns. These help the dancers learn to balance and use the correct muscles in turns. We have a few at the studio that the girls love to use. You can buy them individually or in a pack of three (which ends up being cheaper). If you want to find a few other parents to buy them with, that is an easy way to save some money!!

2- Myosource Kinetic Bands

These bands are an awesome tool used for stretching and gaining strength and flexibility. They act as a resistant band and help to improve leaps and other power skills. They are also great to use for basic technique and is a quick way for dancers to form correct position.

3-I-FLEX Stretch

This is another great tool used for improving stretching and flexibility. The thing that is so great about this is that dancers are able to stretch at their own rate and what is comfortable for them. It can be used for forward leg flexibility, 2nd position flexibility and back flexibility.

4- Portable Dance Floor

Most dancers have a hard time practicing turns at home because of limited space or because it is so hard to practice turns on carpet. This is a small portable floor that is the perfect size to practice pirouettes, fuettes and a la seconde combos. These can get pretty pricey but you can also buy your own flooring and make one fairly cheap.

5- Flexistretcher

This is another stretching tool for dancers. The one that makes this a little different is not only can it be used for stretching legs, it is also great for stretching feet. A lot of dancers can point their toes fairly well. The thing they have the hardest time with is pointing through the top of their feet and ankles. This will help them push through the top of their feet to get their full point.


This program is a great stretching program for dancers. There are different videos to focus on different parts of the body. A lot of times parents will tell coaches that they don't know how to properly stretch their dancer or help them at home. These videos are great for that reason!! It is so important that dancers are properly stretched to avoid injury to their bodies. I feel that this program is so beneficial to help them improve correctly.

I hope that these are helpful for you and you consider looking into these products! Some other things that are great for your dancers are ankle weights (very light 3-5lbs max!) and Therabands. We will also be having a clothing sale during Dress Rehearsals in Studio 2. We will be selling dance wear and Rhythm Works gear. There is a limited quantity of each item so if this is something you are interested in be sure to come in quick!! We are also currently taking orders for dance bags and garment bags. If we can submit our order by next week, we are guaranteed to have our product before Christmas! If you have any other great ideas we would love to hear from you!!

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