Update and Intensive Pictures!!

Parents and Dancers! We just want to tell you how amazing we think your dancers are. Summer intensives are over and we were so proud of all the hard work we saw put in. Each of the teams had a variety of classes in turns, flexibility, ballet, performing skills, and choreography. We felt so privileged to have an acro teacher, Dacia come and teach our girls some new stretches and how to maximize their leg and back flexibility... and we all felt it!! This year is our combined routines year and all the coaches were SO impressed with how well our dancers picked up on hip hop choreography. Huge thanks to Olivia Simons from BYU Cougarettes, Tavia Iarossi, and Megan and Zoe Miyawaki for the amazing choreography! We are so excited for parents to see these routines!!! Remember the music is up on the website so practice, practice, practice!!

At intensives we gave all the dancers post cards to give to any friends or neighbors interested in dance. Remember, write your dancers name on the card. If the card gets returned to open house, we will put their name in a drawing for an opportunity to win a $25 gift card. The more post cards you hand out, the more opportunity you have to win!! We will hold the drawing in the middle of September.

We have been told that our new gmail account is going to Junk Mail. If you have not received any emails from us, please check your junk mail!! You need to watch for mail from rhythmworksdance@gmail.com not the other Comcast account. All important dates and information comes through email so if you are not receiving them, PLEASE LET US KNOW! Also, check this blog often! We will be posting weekly updates to try and keep you as informed as possible. It is our goal that everyone can stay up to date and have a place to have questions answered.

Final thing! Just a reminder that team dancers need to come to try on team wear Friday, July 22 from 5-7. If you have already tried it on then don't worry about coming. We are trying to get sizes submitted so we can practice with our team wear longer. There is a $20 deposit due at the time of trying on sizes.

I personally would like to thank you all again for the support you have given me. I definitely would not be here without all the amazing parents, dancers, and staff that we have. Rhythm Works truly is a family and I am grateful to have you all!!! ~Bradi


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