Tryout Results Day 2!

Another great night of tryouts have come and gone! We are so proud of all the hard work we have seen our dancers put in these past few days! Tryout week can get stressful but we have seen our dancers push through another round with such grace. We have marked down who requested to be an understudy and we will be sending out an email with those later this month so keep watching for updates! If you do not see your dancers name be sure to check all team lists, even if she did not tryout for the team. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email the office at Ready or not here we go!!!

*** Dancers are not listed in any order***

2016-2017 Petite Troupe

Kaitlyn Carrol

Brooklyn Millgate

Abby Flinders

Savannah Hunnington

Christine Bernards

Ada Wilson

Maiki Williams

Taryn Forsberg

Sadie Kartchner

Xerika Perkins

Lexus Craythorne

Ady Kruitbosch

2016-2017 Petite Company

Halle Jensen

Naomi Braithwaite

Emery Pierce

Rylie Kruitbosch

Rylee Forsberg

Isabella Amarillo

Sadie Murray

Libbey Janes

Lily Olsen

Lily Nance

Andi Chase

Lily Vanderbeek

Hayden Jackson

2016-2017 Jr. Corps

Caprice Thompson

Conlie Choi

Brooklyn Arave

Kenley Kap

2016-2017 Mini Troupe

JaKara Thurgood

Talia Thompson

Preslie Marshall

Kate Hendricks

Caroline Bernards

Avery Combe

2016-2017 Mini Company

Marissa Mylott

Elina Nance

Hadley Olsen

Briar Pierce

Kyrie Yung

Anniston Olsen

Brielle Thurgood


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