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Chucky Dancers

Alrighty, we officially have our final Chucky Dancer's approved! Congratulations to these dancer's for making the Chucky dance cast.

Not listed in any order:

Kella Daniels

Andi Chase

Locklyn Perkins

Chloe Hobbs

Claire Wood

Briar Pierce

Maddie Barrow

Maylee Sims

Avery Combe

Gemma Robinson

Libbey Janes

The first practice will be August 18th at 11:30-1:30. There will be the following practice for Chucky dancers only August 20th 10AM-12PM, August 27th 7PM-8PM, September 18th 10AM-12PM, September 24th 7PM-8PM, September 25th 10-11:30AM parent showing and info for the show 11:30-12PM.

Here is the link for tickets to the show!

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