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2023 Competition Dates and Solo/Duet/Trio Parent Meeting

Below are the dates for our 2023 competitions!!

Some venues are still being determined but once we know for sure we will send out.

  • March 10th - March 11th @ Venue TBD. ELITES ONLY

  • March 31st - April 1st @ Ogden

  • April 20th - 22nd @ St. George (This venue is confirmed - Families need to book their own accommodations)

  • May 5th - May 6th @ Venue TBD

*Some competitions may run teams on Fridays and Saturdays (St. George may also be Thursday), we won't know the final schedule until just before the competition Solo/Duet/Trio Routines - PLEASE READ BELOW!

  • Parent Meeting on Thursday, August 18th @ 7:00 - 7:30 pm in Studio 4

  • Please do not register any of your dancers, Bradi will be registering this year

  • Please bring your dancer's

~ routine/music name ~ length of music ~ dance style ~ coach's name

  • If you haven't already let the office know your dancer is doing a solo, please let us know!

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