Dress Code 2018-2019

Parents and Dancers! We are so excited about some changes we have made this year and feel things are going great! We have a few more changes as you have noticed with your team wear. We want to break down what is expected out of dancers in the way they dress.

Ballet Days

We are SO excited to implement a new ballet program at the studio. Each month we will be doing ballet evaluations of the dancers and send home reports with parents. We really want our focus to be on the technical build of our dancers and feel this will help strengthen them. Because we are having a more structured ballet program, we will be requiring that ALL dancers wear a black leo and pink tights on ALL ballet days. We will include some websites that have great options you can order from if you are wanting/ needing new leotards or tights. We will have a very small selection in the office.

Click for link

Eurotard- Highest Quality, recieve studio discount

Discount Dance- Best Prices

Dancewear Solutions - Combination of everything

On ballet days, please have dancers come in team wear shorts. They will wear shorts for choreography, on top of leotards and tights. We will ask dancers to remove shorts for ballet hour.

Hip Hop

Dancers can wear whatever they want for hip hop, as long as they can move. We have dancers that like to bring t-shirts or loose pants for hip hop day, which is great. They will also all need to wear tennis-shoes. As soon as we get performance shoes in they will be allowed to wear those.


Please remember to come to dance with




The dance shoes and performance tights we ordered will be in November, they were ordered to be performance shoes and tights. Feel free to wear old shoes/ ballet shoes or paws to practices. Come to the office if you need practice attire.

We can't wait to see what this year brings for our dancers!! As always, let the office know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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